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MagCharge® Bundle
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The MagCharge® Bundle

Tired of your device dying in the middle of your day, and at the absolute worst times? Imagine the freedom of being able to wirelessly charge anywhere without a nearby outlet, that attaches right to the bottom of any device!


Fast Charging & Data Transfer

High Performance

No More Tangles

The MagLink Cable comes with precision coiling technology, that symmetrically snaps your cable into a perfect circle, ready for you to grab and charge - without the tangles.

MagCharge Bundle Superpowers ⚡

Connect and Charge

Say goodbye to tangles for good and say hello to the MagLink Cable with AutoLink Technology - the magically snaps your MagLink Cable into a perfect circle, neat and ready for you to extend. - Shape your MagLink Cable in anyway you want. 


Meet The Family ♥️

Absolutely love your support team. I had a reply in just a couple of hours solving an issue with tracking my order. Super friendly, quick, and extremely helpful :)

Michael S.

Got free shipping that actually only took 5 days to arrive as stated in their offer! I'm very happy with the service and the MagLink team will be back to purchase again!

Samantha P.

The absolute best charging bundle ever. I don't ever have to worry about portable charging and messy cables anymore. It's so convenient to carry around and everyone asks me where I got it.

Michael H.

I have an iPhone XS Max, and I bought 2 MagCharge Bundles for me and my boyfriend. We both stay charged and connected all day long - seriously love this combo!

Melissa K.

Each MagCharge charges my iPhone X like 75%, so I carry two with me at a time. I'm always commuting and never home so this makes it super convenient for me. Highly recommend.

Jonathan S.

I work in commercial properties and I'm always out with clients. The MagCharge bundle keeps my phone charged in the car neatly, and or away from a charging outlet making it a breeze to stay connected and charged up! 

Richard V.